March Calyx Network Update

Jessica Thompson

The March Interface Update took place yesterday, March 1st.  As a result, you’ll see two new services within your Point® software.

DigitalDocs™ under closing docs/Initial disclosures in the Services menu is now available in Point version 7.3 and higher.  Digital Docs specializes in meeting the technological, compliance, and documentation requirements of the financial and banking industries. Using Digital Docs you can easily generate any loan document package including disclosures, loan applications, closing instructions, loan closing documents and funding instructions. Digital Docs is integrated with Digital Delivery, Inc., a Fannie Mae tested eSign technology provider to provide a complete eMortgage solution including eDisclosures, generation of eClosing packages with SMART Docs, integration with Settlement Agents to support electronically signing title forms, integration with the MERS® eRegistry, and eDelivery to the investor with a click of a button. At Digital Docs, they view their relationship with our customers as strategic partnership.

Digital Docs is located under closing docs/initial disclosures in the Services menu. Visit  for more information.

PointServices under fraud detection in the Interfaces menu is now available in Point version 7.3 and higher. PitchPoint provides a comprehensive suite of fraud detection services to quickly validate loan data enabling lenders to reduce fraud prevention efforts and meet new investor requirements. Their PointServices system instantly searches billions of public records to verify borrower and property data, return transcripts including SSN Direct, 4506T and VOE.  Researches are available online to help investigate discrepancies and resolve false positives which can delay closing.

PointServices is located under fraud detection under the Interfaces menu. Visit  for more information.

Remember, every month we add new service providers to our software. This enables you to have the tools you need to success right at your fingertips. Be on the lookout of our monthly blog about new Interfaces in Point!

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