Help with Point: Exporting Cardex

BJ Bounds

You’ve been so good at keeping your contacts in your database but now it’s time to figure out just who you’ve got in there and perhaps do a little spring cleaning.

The best way to do that is to export them all out and work on them from a spreadsheet.  But to get to a spreadsheet, you first have to export them as a .txt file.

Here’s what you do:

  • Open Point.
  • From the Menu bar, select Utilities > Cardex Database.
  • From the Menu bar, select File > Export.
  • In the Export Custom ASCII window, keep the default options.
  • (The default settings will export the cardex as a comma delimited text file.) •  Click Export.
  • In the Export Cardex window, go to the Save in dropdown list and select Desktop.
  • In the File name field, keep the filename as Pointcardex.txt and click Save. This exports the Cardex records to a file on the Desktop called Pointcardex.txt.

Then open Excel:

  • From the menu bar, select File > Open.
  • From the Open dialog, select All Files from the File Type dropdown list.
  • Browse to the text file that you exported from Point and double-click on it.
  • Excel will open the Import Wizard for you to import the file.
  • From Step 1 of 3: Select Delimited and then click Next.
  • From Step 2 of 3: Check the Comma check box and remove the check from the Tab check box.
  • From Step 3 of 3: Click Next.
  • Excel will display the Cardex records that you imported.

Need screen shots to help you through it?  Knowledge Base article # 0771 has what you need.

You can also find answers for many of your Point questions on the Knowledge Base with a quick search or if your account is current, you may call our Support Team at 800-342-2599.

2 Responses to Help with Point: Exporting Cardex

  1. Susan says:

    not sure how this helps I had a working calyx point now I cannot get anything in cardex

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