Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

BJ Bounds

Tomorrow is a global Irish extravaganza!   Even if you’re not Irish, it’s still a great day to have fun and celebrate!

Remember when you were in school during St. Patrick’s Day and got pinched if you didn’t wear green?  Isn’t it funny the things we do as children influence our adult lives no matter how inconsequential?  I still wear green just in case.

And if for some reason I forget, I have the fallback “my eyes are green (ish)!”  I’m not sure that’s truly valid but I’ve experienced a somewhat high effective rate using it, so I’ll stick with it.

Today I’m totally greened-out—well as far as I’m willing to go and still be seen in public!  I’ve got my green shirt and a green Shamrock ring!

It’s an all-day dance seminar (lessons and party) for me tomorrow but I know there will be lots of parades, runs, and parties going on around here.

Do you have a special St. Patty’s Day event you go to every year?

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