Happy Spring Equinox!

BJ Bounds

Today is the first day of spring!  It’s the official start of beautiful weather with budding trees and blooming plants (and lots of rain)!

The sounds of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly cut grass bring back memories of childhood that makes me feel happy and carefree!  There’s nothing like the smell of fresh grass and churned up dirt for happy memories.  Even though here in Texas we had to mow pretty much all winter long this year, it’s still not the same as when it happens in the spring!

The first day of spring also holds special significance for me because it also happens to be my birthday.  So even though the first day of spring is a more appropriate beginning to the new year with the return of all the birds, the new blooms, the baby animals, and the weeds in the yard, it’s also the end of a smaller number for me.

Why is it when you get to a certain age you want to start going backwards?

Happy Spring Everybody!

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