PointCentral 7.6 Special Instructions

BJ Bounds

It’s almost that time!  Point® and PointCentral® 7.6 will launch on April 19th!  For MyCalyx® admins using Point, it is as simple as selecting Point 7.6  from the Manage Users page.

But, for MyCalyx admins using PointCentral, it involves an extra step.  You must first update your PointCentral server software before updating the Point software running on individual computers. 

 All that means is that when you log into your MyCalyx account, you need to click the “Download Server Software” button first and complete that process before you move to the “Manage Users” button and push 7.6 to individual users.

It’s still simple but updating your software to PointCentral 7.6 must be done in that sequence.  Otherwise your Point software will not be able to Save, Save As, Copy, Move, or Delete.

 If you have questions regarding the PointCentral 7.6 update, you may call your support team at 800-342-2599 or find additional information on our Knowledge Base.

Additional information on Point and PointCentral 7.6 can be found HERE.

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