Happy Good Friday!

BJ Bounds

Today is Good Friday!  I hope you are enjoying this day from home, but if you’re working like we are, take a break and put your feet up!

This weekend, besides being known for its obvious and celebrated significance, is also a favorite for kids and retailers.  It’s another candy-filled weekend!  I have nothing against that at all.  I always get one Cadbury Crème Egg every year and split it with my husband.  It’s our Easter tradition.  Sometimes I’d just like my own overstuffed Easter basket though, with the fake grass and everything.

Besides the candy, another draw for this weekend is the abundance of bunnies for sale.  They are so soft and cuddle—and hard to resist.  When I was 6, my sister and I caught a wild baby bunny near our house.  We named him Furry and kept him inside sometimes and outside in a cage my brother built.  When he got older and started getting into too many things, we had let him go. It was a sad day.

After that, we thought every brown rabbit we saw was Furry.  He never came back to visit, though.  I’m sure he was way too busy starting his own family to bother with ours.

What are you doing with your family this weekend?   Hope everybody has a wonderful Easter holiday!  We’ll talk again next week.

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