It’s Administrative Professionals Day!

BJ Bounds

Today I want to take the opportunity to thank all of the administrative professionals that have made our work lives so much easier over the years.

Having filled a similar position early in my career, I know how much work goes into the job they do. Depending on the office, the day in the life of an admin could be crazy busy and different every day, or monotonous and tedious most days with the occasional exciting event or task to break it up.

It’s actually a little like police work—so I’ve been told—minus the people spitting on you and sometimes trying to kill you! And just like police work, it can be a thankless position that we sometimes take for granted.

So take some time to day to express your appreciation to your favorite administrative professional!

2 Responses to It’s Administrative Professionals Day!

  1. Julie Isaac says:

    BJ, comparing the job of an administrative professional to police work is apt and quite funny too. Thanks!

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