WebCaster Updates Are Here!

Jessica Thompson

Calyx® is proud to announce that WebCaster®, its online website solution, has been updated. New enhancements include eDisclosure, which gives you the ability to send documents from the document management site to borrowers allowing for document download and signatures, all from a secure web site receiving room for easy, anytime access. The latest version also includes document request and collection, allowing you to send any document for instant communication with the borrower for secure delivery and receipt. Additionally, WebCaster now features loan application ownership, speed bumps, calculator improvements and the ability to use Google analytics.

For more information on the updates click here.

Not currently using WebCaster? You could be missing the key to a successful website that will increase your business, by allowing you to start accepting online applications, thus increasing the number of closed loans by building your loan pipeline.

Already have a website? Utilizing WebCaster holds the key to a plug-in solution that will create a seamless integration with Point® and PointCentral®. This unique plug-in solution allows you to start accepting online applications immediately without interruption to your existing site.

Click here or contact us at 800.362.2599 to get your key to more closed loans.

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