Want to Reduce Appraisal Bottlenecks in Production and Underwriting?


Jessica Thompson

Appraisal Firewall and Calyx Point  can help you!  Appraisal Firewall is a technology solution fully integrated into Point that gives lenders access to their preferred appraiser panels. 

From within Point, you can access your trusted local appraisers to place orders and receive appraisals back into Point – all the while complying with each and every appraisal independence regulation the Fed and investors have handed out. The more origination and processing work you can do right from within Point the better – so you can reduce costs, stop bouncing in and out of your favorite LOS, and maintain efficiency.

 Appraisal Firewall is available right from within your Interfaces menu in Point – just a quick couple of steps to get setup and you will be ready to go. Although Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC, they offer connections to over 50 of them through their technology as well as to your individual appraisers. 

You may have heard of their parent company SharperLending.  SharperLending has been a Point partner for over a decade and they are excited to be able to offer Point users a solution that connects them directly to the appraisers they know, like and trust.  For more information on Appraisal Firewall or SharperLending contact Jim Norman or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

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