Got eMagic and Myers?

BJ Bounds

If you do, you have probably already heard it’s going away.  Effective September 1, eMagic and Myers services are being discontinued.

But if you’re using Calyx already, there is no need to panic.  You already have most of the same functionality of the eMagic package through your Point® software:

  • Automated underwriting through the Calyx AUS™
  • Vendor services through the Calyx Network®
  • Document management and electronic file delivery, including stacking order packaging for investors
  • Pipeline tracking and reporting
  • Lead & contact management through Cardex
  • 24/7 loan access with a secure Internet connection*
  • Robust security and business management tools*
    *with PointCentral

If you’re going to lose your Myer’s storefront, all you need is WebCaster®!  And it will cost you a whole lot less than you are currently paying!  For just $24.99/mo, you can have a professional website that is easy to set up and gives you the 24/7 marketing that you need for business growth.

With WebCaster, you get:

  • Online 1003 applications that download into Point
  • Electronic document exchange to and from document management
  • Loan officer selection and routing
  • Loan application tracking
  • Online payment feature for borrower fees
  • eDisclosures through Point
  • Google analytics
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Customizable templates

Don’t wait until you get shut down in September.  Get started with WebCaster today!  Visit our WebCaster page for details and to place your order.

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