Register for Calyx’s New Training Class and Make Your Software Work For You

Jessica Thompson

Calyx is pleased to announce a new 90-minute training classed titled, “Advanced Business Rules for PointCentral.”  The new course expands upon the vast Calyx Online class curriculum, which provides industry-leading technical education and for all levels of Point® and PointCentral® users. The class will teach you the most effective way to manage work flow, and ensure compliance and security for your loan files. Additionally, this class takes advantage of added rules functionality, so you can get the most out of PointCentral 7.6. Please note that the Calyx online class “Using Business Rules in PointCentral” is a prerequisite.
The new online class covers:

  • Further explore the power of business rules
  • Examine some key rules and the logic of creating rules
    • Compare fields with the value of another field
    • Create conditions such as “Increased by %” or “Decreased by %”
    • Use the “Contains” operator for string fields
  • Demonstrate and practice using the sample rules provided in your software

To register for the new class “Extend the Power of Business Rules” click here.

Whether you are a new user or simply need a refresher, you are sure to find that one of these courses will help you with your needs. Visit our online training schedule or call (800) 362.2599 to learn more today!

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