Happy Father’s Day!

BJ Bounds

The retailers are out in force with sales on items they have deemed are suitable for guys! That works out fine for me, because I’m in the market for a new flat screen TV and just about every retailer has them on sale this week!

And since we’re talking about retailers, have you ever thought to compare the differences between the Mother’s Day sales items and the Father’s Day sales items, just to see what the retailers deem suitable?

As I was thinking about this, I realized I did notice a trend this year.  Last month, the Mother’s Day sales coordinated with dorm room furniture and decor for impending grads.  This month, the Father’s Day sales coordinated with electronics and cameras for new grads.

I suppose the goal for the grads is to furnish their dorm first with May sales, then figure out where to put the big flat screen TV from June sales! And the goal for the parents?  They just need to figure out how to turn their newly emptied bedroom into a theater with stadium seats and surround sound!

So Happy Father’s Day!  And if you have a new grad in the family…have fun with your new theater!

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