Want to be More Productive?

Jessica Thompson

You’re probably already familiar with the benefits of using Point® and PointCentral®.  What you may not realize is that WebCaster® in conjunction with Point and PointCentral can provide you with a streamlined process for loan applications and loan status reports with eDisclosure and Document Tracking. WebCaster also lets you be anywhere, at anytime and still provide outstanding service to your clients 24/7, so you can be more productive throughout your day.

Register for our new 60-minute live webinar, “Calyx WebCaster Overview” to learn more about the benefits WebCaster can provide you! The webinar will cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • WebCaster Admin
  • Online 100
  • eDisclosure
  • Seamless Integration with Point
  • Document Tracking
  • Document Exchange
  • and other valuable features

See what WebCaster can do for you by promoting your business through a professional website or a plug-in solution. Choose from 70 website template styles or plug the functionality into your existing corporate website. Respond to customers quicker and increase the efficiency of your operation.

To register for the new webinar “Calyx WebCaster Overview” click here.

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