Is Your Service About to be Discontinued?

Jessica Thompson

In today’s ever changing market and economy, there are times when the products and services you use get disconnected or discontinued. Myers and eMagic, which offered websites for Mortgage and Real Estate Professional, are discontinuing this service on September 1, 2012 due to market and business model changes.

If you are going to lose your Myer’s or eMagic website, don’t panic all you need is WebCaster®!   For only $24.99 a month you can have the following with WebCaster:

  • Online 1003 applications that download into Point
  • Electronic document exchange to and from document management
  • Loan officer selection and routing
  • Loan application tracking
  • Online payment feature for borrower fees
  • eDisclosures through Point
  • Google analytics
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Customizable templates

Don’t put off switching providers until your site gets disconnected, contact us at 800.362.2599 today! View a free webinar of WebCaster or click here to read more about WebCaster.

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