Hassle-free GFE Disclosures

Jessica Thompson

Hassle-free GFE disclosures are finally a reality thanks to the SmartGFE® service from ClosingCorp.

With the SmartGFE, Calyx Point® users can instantly generate accurate closing cost data for Blocks 3-8; all in a matter of seconds. The SmartGFE service removes the time-consuming burden of managing templates and tables, effectively accommodates your existing workflows and automatically incorporates existing loan file data, property data, lender-specific rules, and your preferred provider rates. It also monitors real-time changes in recording fees and transfer taxes, and automatically sends re-disclosure alerts. The SmartGFE service was designed with RESPA tolerance in mind, and it provides a complete audit trail as well as a Compliance Guarantee for every loan file.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free GFE solution, contact your Calyx representative today and ask about the SmartGFE.

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