Have You Moved to Another System Yet?

Jessica Thompson

Did you know that if you have a Myers or eMagic account your website will be discontinued on September 1, 2012? If you have an account with these companies Calyx has the perfect solution for you!

With 85% of first time home borrowers shopping the web, you may only get one chance at that prospect, so don’t put off changing your provider.  Creating a better online customer experience is the best way to capture that lead.  By using a smart, consumer direct platform, like WebCaster, to pre-qualify mortgage leads, you can be sure that the leads are followed up immediately. Additionally, WebCaster offers a many features you may not have had with Myers or eMagic such as:

  • Online 1003 applications that download into Point
  • Electronic document exchange to and from document management
  • Loan officer selection and routing
  • Loan application tracking
  • Online payment feature for borrower fees
  • eDisclosures through Point
  • Google analytics
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Customizable templates

WebCaster offers all those features and more for only $24.99 a month! Make sure you are seen by today’s internet savvy borrower who begins the origination process online. Get started with WebCaster today!  Visit our WebCaster page for details, view a live demonstration of WebCaster or contact us at 800.362.2599 for more information.

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