Cover Yourself! Appraisal Firewall’s New Interactive Map Provides Better Control Over Appraisal Coverage Areas for Point Users

Jessica Thompson

At the core, Appraisal Firewall aims to deliver superior control over lenders’ appraisal processes by enabling lenders to work with their own appraiser panels (and any AMCs they want to work with).  In the coming weeks, Appraisal Firewall will be providing Point® users with additional tools to better manage their appraisal process.

Appraisal Firewall is in the final stages of testing a new interactive appraiser coverage area map to boost your ability to control your panels. Check out the video here.

They have taken the data from your appraiser panel and enhanced it so that you are presented with a sharp, interactive map-based display.  Beginning at the national level, you can see which states you have appraisers in, and which states you don’t.  You can then drill down into that state and view a county-by-county listing for individual appraisers and their qualifications.  And for those of you in larger counties such as Los Angeles or San Diego, you can even drill down into your coverage by zip code.

As far as appraiser detail goes, you can view appraiser products and pricing, their average turn time, the number of disputed appraisals they have delivered, and lots more!  You can also review appraisers that are not currently in your panel to see if this is an appraiser you might like to add to your panel – possibly extending your coverage area with a validated and trusted appraiser you can build a relationship with.

Pretty cool huh?

PS.  Point users can get all of this from the Point-Appraisal Firewall interface.  To learn more, email Jim Norman at SharperLending (the company behind the Appraisal Firewall technology), or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

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