The Key to Success Starts with WebCaster Technology

Jessica Thompson

Technology has changed just about every aspect of business and culture. The mortgage industry has not escaped technology’s grip. Yet as we stand on the precipice of a new decade, and new possibilities, slowly working our way out of one of the worst economic situations in memory, technology will play a substantial part in what’s to come in the future.

The entire application process and the method by which people seek out a mortgage has become streamlined. Mortgage lender operations have also become automated through technology and the Internet. What does this mean for you?

If you do not have a website you may be losing business. Losing your Website store with Myer’s or eMagic? Don’t worry; WebCaster® holds the key to a successful website solution giving you a way to market your business 24/7 while streamlining the loan application process, allowing you to increase the number of closed loans.

Already have a website? Utilizing WebCaster holds the key to a plug-in solution that will create a seamless integration with Point® and PointCentral®. This unique plug-in solution allows you to start accepting online applications immediately without interruption to your existing site.

Click here or contact us at 800.362.2599 to get your key to technology today!

2 Responses to The Key to Success Starts with WebCaster Technology

  1. Sara Dell says:

    We do use webcaster. As the compliance officer I need to know if there is an authorization for e-docs (part of the e-sign act) either when they put in their email address or at the point of submission. I hate adding another disclosure if I don’t have to. Thanks

  2. Jessica Thompson says:

    Hi Sara. Before a borrower can receive docs they have to go into the e-docs area of the account and agree to the e-disclosure. This can be seen in the eDocuments area. Once this is confirmed and agreed to, then you can then upload docs to WebCaster for that borrower. If the borrower does not agree then you can send the files from Point. Hope that helps!

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