Coming Soon!

BJ Bounds

As we exit the waning summer months and enter the final months of 2012, we are going to be busy here at Calyx and we have some exciting product news to tell you about.

Starting in October, we’re introducing our latest Point® and PointCentral® versions 8.0.  8.0 has some great features for convenience along with quite a few forms updates that you’ll want to have to stay compliant.  Also included in 8.0 is the functionality needed for our next introduction, Mobile Apps.

The Calyx Mobile Apps are scheduled to launch in early November.  We know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting this introduction so you will be thrilled to know it’s almost here!  The mobile apps are designed for both the iPhone and Android.

Following on the heels of the mobile apps, we’re going to launch Beta testing of our new cloud-based LOS, Path™.  Path offers a combination of event-based / workflow architecture and notification system to help you manage both production and risk.

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