What Are We Talking About When We Talk About the Appraisal Firewall-Calyx Point Interface?

Jessica Thompson

As those of you know who manage your own appraisal process, ordering the appraisal is the easy part. Getting the lender-managed appraisal process in place and making sure the proper efficiency, compliance and oversight is there is an entirely different animal. Without the right kind of technology, this can be difficult.

What if the technology you need was available right from within your very own Calyx Point® in an easy, set-it-and-forget-it process?

Appraisal Firewall offers branch administration and corporate controls (video here) to setup and have a scope into each branch’s appraisal activities and to tightly control workflow. All Calyx Point users have this functionality available to them today through the Appraisal Firewall interface. The interface is so much more than just appraisal ordering.  No other LOS-to-Appraisal technology partnership offers this level of functionality. Where many have gone wide with their systems and overlooked the characteristics of detail, we have chosen to go deep with the features and functions available to you in your LOS.

So, then – what are we talking about when we talk about Appraisal Firewall? Control. Control over your appraisal process; control over the setup and administration of your appraisal process; and, control to make sure your appraisal process is efficient and cost-effective while complying with all appraisal independence regulations.

To learn more, you can click here, email Jim Norman at SharperLending (the company behind the Appraisal Firewall technology), or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

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