Checked out the Calyx Network® lately?

BJ Bounds

For those of you who work in Point® every day but haven’t peaked at the tabs at the top labeled “Lenders,” “Services,” or “Interfaces,” you might be losing valuable time from your workday.

The Calyx Network is a network of vendors that provide premier services and documents straight from your Point file.  You can order credit, closing docs, appraisals, flood certs, almost anything you need to close a mortgage, without re-keying the borrower information or having to fax paperwork back and forth.  These vendors are tied into Point so you can order straight from a file and receive the information back into the file from which it was ordered.

There are so many vendors to choose from, your favorite might already be listed.  Don’t wait another minute! Check out the vendors in your Point software today and give yourself the gift of time!

For a complete list of vendors, visit the Calyx Network page.

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