Point & PointCentral 8.0 Coming Soon!

BJ Bounds

We’re launching Point® and PointCentral® on October 11!  This release is one of our most exciting releases because it heralds the imminent arrival of Calyx Mobile™!

This release has all the functionality needed to work with the Mobile Apps when they become available in just a few more weeks!  8.0 also includes new and updated forms to help you with compliance.

In addition, you’ll see these cool new features:

  • A new Loan Pipeline view gives you a central location to view and manage all of your loans with automatic and customizable settings
  • Point can now check for new loan applications that have been submitted through WebCaster, notify you, and drop them automatically into a data folder of your choice
  • The Advanced Search feature now has 11 additional options to help you easily find the loans you need

PointCentral users also have the ability to reconcile their PointCentral and MyCalyx® user accounts with the new Digital Key that will also track mobile users.  You’ll always know what’s going on with your accounts—and your users!

Don’t miss Point and PointCentral 8.0 when they launch on October 11.  Make sure your account is current or call 800-362-2599 to get the best solution for your business.

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