Point and PointCentral 8.0 have arrived!

BJ Bounds

Point® & PointCentral® are now available for immediate download via MyCalyx.com®.

With 8.0, you get all the connectivity you need for the upcoming Calyx Mobile Apps.  You also get an extremely convenient and customizable Loan Pipeline View screen that shows you all your loans in one place.  View and manage your loans from one screen grouped the way that works best for you!

If you use WebCaster®, you’ll love the latest feature in 8.0 that checks for new loan applications submitted through your website and automatically drops them into a data folder you designate!  You also get 11 new options with our Advanced Search feature to help you find the loans you need—when you need them.

And 8.0 also includes updates to several forms you need for compliance.

  • New Texas Mortgage Loan Disclosure
  • New Flood Determination Disclosure
  • Credit Information Disclosure
  • ARM Disclosure
  • MLDS Form 882
  • Fees Worksheet Summary
  • FHA Home Inspection (HUD-92564-CN)
  • FHA Consumer Choice Notice Disclosure
  • Fees Worksheet
  • USDA Fee
  • NMLS Call Report

Get 8.0 today and be ready for mobile apps in the next few weeks!  Call 800-362-2599 to make sure your account is current and primed for 8.0.

MyCalyx admins for Point accounts are encouraged to push 8.0 to all users at once so that files in shared data folders will be visible to all in the pipeline view.

MyCalyx admins for PointCentral accounts must update the PointCentral server first and then push the new version of Point to every user.

Additional details can be found in the 8.0 Release Notes.

4 Responses to Point and PointCentral 8.0 have arrived!

  1. Please don’t forget windows phone with the mobile app!

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Gerry! We’ve just got iPhone and Android coming for now. Stay tuned, though…demand for Windows OS could affect future development plans. I recommend you submit a request for it here so it gets to the right decision makers. Thanks for reading CalyxCorner!

  2. Kimberly Adams says:

    Has anyone had sucess with this upgrade? The APR calcuations on closed loan files are auto recalculating due to their metrics changing in the new version? Has anyone found a way to secure their data integrity?

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Kimberly. Thank you so much for your comment. I forwarded your concern to our support manager and by now both he and Medrick have spoken to you about the issue you are having. Since then, our support and development teams are looking into it further and will call you as soon as possible with their findings.

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