New for PointCentral® 8.0: Digital Key

BJ Bounds

With last month’s MyCalyx® update and last week’s launch of PointCentral 8.0, PointCentral administrators are seeing a new button on the administration pages.

The new Digital Key button found on the MyCalyx page is the first step in linking your business controls for PointCentral and the Calyx Mobile Apps.

It also helps you reconcile the number of PointCentral users you have with the number of MyCalyx users in the system.

This makes your overall management of users much easier because now your authorized users can install Point on as many devices as necessary without penalty.  As long as your MyCalyx user count matches the number of PointCentral users (with individual login & password), your account is good to go.

The MyCalyx digital key tracks the number of mobile and Point® user licenses. If your server has an internet connection, the digital key is automatically entered when PointCentral is downloaded and updated when needed in the PointCentral configuration page. If your server does not have internet access, you will need to update it manually every month. Click the Refresh button to import license and user updates from MyCalyx into PointCentral.

That’s it.  Your PointCentral is ready to go for the upcoming Calyx Mobile Apps coming in just a few short weeks!

If you have any questions regarding this or any other feature of PointCentral 8.0, you can visit the release notes, our Knowledge Base, or call our support team at 800-342-2599.

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