Help with Support – Hold Times

BJ Bounds

We’re happy to provide unlimited free support to all of the users of current accounts and want to provide help to each of you in a timely manner.

We’ve ramped up our support staff to make sure you’re not waiting too long but we still have some times of the day that are heavier than others.

If you’re calling to get help with Point, the hold times are longest during lunch time. The shortest wait times are currently before 11am CST and after 2pm CST. Calls to 800-342-2599 are answered beginning at 8am CST.

If you’re not a current customer and want to get the latest in Point so you can get Mobile next month, call your account manager at 800-362-2599 and get 8.0 today!

4 Responses to Help with Support – Hold Times

  1. Kimberly Adams says:

    Be prepared that the hold time quoted by the system is significantly off. I was told 1 minute and instead it with 31.

  2. Ryan Kohl says:

    free support is good however expect to wait a long time if you need point central support. I am on hold today for the second time with point central. I was disconnected after an hour of waiting. It is not just today. I have had point central for 7 days total and each time I end up on hold for much longer than the “estimated wait time” posted on the phone.

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