Help with PointCentral®: Mobile Apps & Rules

BJ Bounds

Mobile Apps are almost here and we know you’re excited to be among the first to get them!  But there is something you need to know about how they work with Business Rules in PointCentral.

PointCentral 8.0 provides the connectivity you need to use Calyx Mobile™.  It was designed to share data and functionality across applications.  This includes the business rules you have set up for your company to operate efficiency and with compliance.  Business rules will fire on mobile apps.

And while the rules will fire for mobile apps, not all of them will apply.  The limited fields and functionality within the mobile apps will make some or all of your rules inapplicable in the mobile environment.

We strongly recommend PointCentral administrators go through a thorough testing process to ensure the rules you have implemented will work with the mobile apps.

You have the option to disable rules just for mobile apps if they reference fields that are not available in the mobile apps.

Please contact our Customer Support Group at 800-342-2599 or if you have additional questions.

2 Responses to Help with PointCentral®: Mobile Apps & Rules

  1. Aaron says:

    You can now enable a rule for Mobile only or Point only. Our default is for a rule to be enabled for both Mobile and Point.

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Yes that is correct. Rules will be enabled for both Point and Mobile Apps by default. Administrators should disable them for Mobile Apps only until they can test them for applicability. Disabling for Mobile Apps will not affect how they work within Point. Thanks for the clarification. bj

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