Mobile Apps Now Available!

BJ Bounds

Today is a momentous occasion!  We’re launching Calyx Mobile™!  Calyx mobile apps are available on either iPhones or Androids and you can get them straight from your Apple store or Google Play store just like any other app.

Calyx Mobile apps are affordable and offer so much convenience and efficiency for you when you’re on the go!

Mobile apps will allow you to start initial 1003’s, check on loan statuses, or view your entire pipeline.  Any data you enter will not be stored on your phone so you don’t have to worry about security.  You get:

  • Easy-to-use button navigation
  • Ability to create new files or edit existing files
  • Loan pipeline view
  • Loan status view
  • Ability to track agents involved in the transaction
  • Integration to Point and PointCentral

Play with up to 10 demo files for free!  Download the apps today and you won’t be disappointed!

Ready to get started?  Call your account manager and add mobile apps to your Calyx account.  800-362-2599!

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