December Calyx Network Update

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

The December Interface Update took place yesterday, December 3.  As a result, you’ll see changes to services within your Point® software.

American Coast Title can be found in the Services menu under Title and Escrow Services. American Coast Title, which opened in 1988, is a hands-on company who has no outside investors awaiting huge profits, no stock analysts to keep happy and no consulting firm creating or revising our public image.  They have dedicated title professionals who understand that the best insurance of success is superior service to their clients.

American Coast Title “can and does deliver the fastest service in the industry, but not at the expense of accuracy.  This philosophy encompasses not only title and customer service departments but payoff and escrow as well.” While privately owned, American Coast Title is underwritten by two of the strongest title insurers in the nation, Fidelity National Title and Westcorp Title Insurance they are also the agent for WFG in addition to Fidelity and Westcor. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Let American Coast Title design a personal service plan for you.  Whether it’s guaranteed 24-hour preliminary reports, online property profiles, or customized comparable, they are prepared to meet your needs. To learn more go to or call 800-228-6446.

Remember, every month we add new service providers to our software. This enables you to have the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips. Be on the lookout for our monthly blog about new Interfaces in Point!

2 Responses to December Calyx Network Update

  1. Jessica, do you have any insight into how to become a preferred vedor with Calyx? Or maybe a contact over there that could help me find the right person to talk to? Any help would be appreciated.

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