Help with Point: Field IDs

BJ Bounds

This has been a very popular subject this year so the info definitely bears repeating.

Have you ever wanted to create a custom form or report and needed to include fields that are not already pre-populated in the drop-down list of most used fields?  In order to add additional fields to your forms or reports, you need the field ID.

How do you get the field ID you ask?

It’s a piece of cake.  And once you find the field IDs you need, make sure you write them down or print them out for future reference just in case you need to create another customer document or report.

How to load all Field IDs at once 

  1. In Point, open a Prospect or Borrower file.
  2. From the Menu bar, select Utilities > Load Field ID > Prospect or Utilities > Load Field ID > Borrower.

How to find Field IDs in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. From the Menu bar, select File > Open.
  3. From the Look In dropdown list, select My Computer > Local Disk C: > Winpoint.
  4. Double-click the fieldid.xls file.
  5. Search for keywords by going to the Menu bar and selecting Edit > Find.
  6. Enter keywords for the field and click Find.

Voila!  You now have all the field ID numbers you need at your fingertips!  For additional information and screen shots, visit Knowledge Base Article # 0061 or Knowledge Base Article # 0299 to learn how to add fields.

Need help getting all your processes automated?  Call your account manager at 800-362-2599 to schedule a Professional Services consultation.

4 Responses to Help with Point: Field IDs

  1. Vanessa mercer says:

    Thanks for this tip. However, I have the opposite problem. The field ids were displayed in a loan, and Calyx saved the ids OVER the data. How can I reverse this? Desperate!

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Vanessa. Just a couple of questions about your loan file. Did you save the loan file in question? If so, is your data backed up regularly? BJ

      • Vanessa mercer says:

        Good questions. We just came to realize this– at is probably happened a few months ago. I will check on the back up, we use Point Central. However, WHY or WHY would Calyx allow you to save field ids? Or why not load them into a dummy loan file?
        Thanks for asking.

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