Calling Calyx Mobile™

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

If you didn’t get your new iPhone or Android for Christmas and have decided to treat yourself so you can get the Calyx Mobile Apps, make sure you keep reading!

Calyx Mobile can connect you to Point® wherever you can get a signal!  You can start an application, edit an existing one, or just check on individual loans or your pipeline.  You’ll never lose a prospect again!

It’s only available on iPhones and Android–based phones.  The apps should work fine on any iPhone or Android phone but we’ve tested certain ones for compatibility.  So if you haven’t picket out your new phone and Calyx Mobile is high on your list of apps to obtain, check out these phones first:

  • iPhone 4S, 4, 3gs with IOS 4.2 and above
  • Android 2.3 and above
  • Samsung Note, upgraded to version 4
  • Droid X2, version 2.2 / Droid Razr Maxx, version 4.0
  • Galaxy s2, version 2.3
  • HTC Inspire, version 2.2
  • Samsung Cricket, version 2.3 / Samsung Galaxy Nexus, version 4.1.1 / Samsung Galaxy Tab, 7-inch tablet

Calyx Mobile will install on an iPad through the browser or alternate app market but the size of the application will appear in a smaller screen resolution. It will not be available in the App Store specifically for an iPad until it is fully compatible

If you have any questions, visit our Knowledge Base or contact our helpful support staff at 800-342-2599.

4 Responses to Calling Calyx Mobile™

  1. Jon says:

    Would be really great if this would work on Android Tablets – I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 that I use all the time for business. The stylus and related support make it killer for paperless doc signing and the like.

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Jon. It has been tested on the Galaxy Tab and is supported. There are many Android devices it will work on even if not specifically listed and supported. You could download it for free from the Google store on your tablet and try it out. You won’t be able to connect to Point but you can play with test files within the app.

  2. Mary Kaplan says:

    Can’t wait to try this on my new Android! Love that you have an app that will work on my phone. Thank you!!

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