Point 8.0 SP2 is here!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

It’s time to update your Point® software!  Point 8.0 Service Pack 2 is now available for download at MyCalyx.com®.

SP2 has several compliance updates along with a updates and modifications to forms, interfaces and screens.  Administrators should push this update to users as soon as possible.

Here are just a few of the highlights you’ll find in this software update:

  • The Fees Worksheet block 2 has been updated with editable percentage or dollar amount fields and locked calculation fields that accurately reflect amount changes to the credit fields
  • Several HUD forms have been updated with mandatory changes
  • The Anti-Steering Disclosure has been updated to match the Good Faith Estimate
  • The CLTV has been updated to properly reflect when a second mortgage amount is added

For additional details, visit the Release Notes or call our support team at 800-342-2599.

Account not current?  Call your account management team today at 800-362-2599 to find out how our convenient monthly payment plan can simplify your budget and keep you in compliance.

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