Free Online Training!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Did you know that any user of any current account has access to free online training?

At Calyx, we believe that if you know how to use your software, you’ll be more comfortable with it—and more efficient.

In order to help you become “expert” users, we offer free online training classes to all of our current customers.  No matter what your role in the company, you can benefit from one of our classes.

And, you can take the same class over and over again until you understand it completely.  That’s right– Free & Unlimited—for ALL users!  It’s almost unheard of.  But that is just the Calyx way.

Check the training schedule every month to see what we have available.  Happy Learning!

2 Responses to Free Online Training!

  1. Dave Homes says:

    BJ, Are we able to take these classes at our convenience? Or, is there a regimented schedule?

    In other words, Can I start with the customs forms class, and then move on from there, finishing with Point Central for IT?


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