Good Friday!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Tomorrow is Good Friday and we’re open for business as usual.  If you get the day off, I hope you are experiencing the same warm-up that we’re having here in Dallas.  It’s going to be a really nice Easter weekend.

I was doing a little research on Good Friday and was intrigued by some of the customs and traditions I found on the internet.  Most interesting of all was information I found on Malta.

Malta is part of the European Union located s in the Mediterranean Sea near the very bottom of Italy.

The majority of the country’s citizens are Roman Catholic and Good Friday is considered one of their public holidays.  Several towns will come together to celebrate the holiday together with solemn processions through the streets on Friday afternoon and celebratory masses on Sunday.

It sounds like the whole country gets together for their celebrations.  I may have to add Malta to my bucket list of countries to visit.

What do you think?  Great internet marketing?  Or a fun country to visit?


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