MyCalyx Update Today (POSTPONED –JUNE 3)

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

If you haven’t installed Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework yet, now is the best time.  Your MyCalyx® system will be updated today.  This update is automatic and will install the first time Point® is opened after the update finishes.

You’ll need to have .NET 4.0 installed on each Point computer before the updates will install.  The software is free from Microsoft.  Check out our Knowledge Base article #844 to learn if you have the correct version.  If you don’t have the correct version, you can follow the link in the article that takes you to the free download.

Ensuring.NET 4.0 is installed on each Point computer prior to the update will facilitate the MyCalyx update and minimize interruptions to your business.  If it is not already installed, the update will take longer as it will install .NET 4.0 before it is able to complete the update.

You can find additional installation information on our Knowledge Base article # 846 and technical notes on Knowledge Base article #847.

If you have questions please contact our Customer Support Group during our normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8am-7pm at 800-342-2599 CDT or

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