June Calyx Network Update

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

The June Calyx Network Update (I-Update) took place last Monday, June 3.  If you are currently on Point 8.1, you may have seen some changes to a few printed forms.  These updates were necessary but are only available to users on the latest version of Point.

Here are the forms we updated:

  • FHA Notice to Homebuyers:  This form was updated to comply with HUD’s Monthly Insurance Premium changes
  • VA Loan Analysis (VA 26-2693):  The form date was updated to comply with latest requirements
  • FHA Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice:   This form was updated to comply with HUD’s Monthly Insurance Premium changes
  • VA Loan Comparison: This form was changed to include the Lender Credit from Block 2 of the GFE in the Total Closing Cost charge in the Loan Comparison

Need to get current so you can ensure compliance with the ever changing federal regulations?  Call your account manager at 800-362-2599 today.

6 Responses to June Calyx Network Update

  1. Melissa says:

    I Just updated us to Calyx 8.1 and the disclosures (FHA) that require changes are still the same verbiage as before. The 92900B page 2 Mortgage insurance paragraph isn’t changed nor is the Informed Consumer Choice showing that mortgage insurance is now for the life of the loan. Please call or send directions as to how to get the updated disclosures in my Calyx 8.1 – I thought just updating to the new version would do it. Didn’t.

    • CalyxCorner says:

      Hi Melissa. The forms were updated with the i-update for those that already had 8.1 So that means when you first install 8.1 (if after June 3), you will still show the old forms. When you close Point and reopen it – the i-update will install and update the forms. Check to see if you have the correct build number in Point by going to Help > About Point. At the very bottom, verify that the build number is 1493.206.

      If that’s the build number you show and you’ve already re-opened Point and still don’t see the updated forms, let me know and I’ll tell you how to manually download the i-update or you can call our support group at 800-342-2599. Hope that helps. BJ

      • holly hutto says:

        How can we update forms they were not in our current 9.0 😦

        • CalyxCorner says:

          Good Morning Holly. Are you looking for specific forms? We do have some KB articles that may help if you need to update your current forms. See if either of these help or please let me know if you need additional assistance. KR# 298 or KB# 486 might help.

          • holly hutto says:

            the informed Consumer Choice and the Notice to Homebuyers

          • CalyxCorner says:

            Hi Molly. Try this: Go to utilities>company defaults and you should see the Informed Consumer Choice listed there. The Notice to Homebuyers (HUD-92900-b) is listed under file>print>FHA\VA tab. Let me know if you find them. BJ

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