July Calyx Network Update

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

The July Interface Update took place Monday, July 1st. As a result, you’ll see two new services within your Point® software.

Closeline Settlements located under Title and Escrow Services in the Services menu is now available in Point version 7.5 and higher. Closeline Settlements is a full service, nationwide title company licensed in more than 40 states and known nationally for quality service and the ability to handle a large volume of deals at any given time. They close residential refinance and purchase transactions, FHA and VA loans, foreclosures and short sales, reverse mortgages, and commercial properties.

Find Closeline Settlements under Title and Escrow in the Services menu. Visit http://www.closeline.com for more information.

ValuTrust Solutions, LLC located under Appraisal Services in the Interfaces menu is now available in Point version 7.5 and higher. ValuTrust Solutions, LLC, a privately owned technology development and services company, serves residential lenders throughout the United States. Their proprietary technology integrates with clients’ loan origination systems, allowing automated management of every lending activity, from appraisal management and collateral review through closing. Loan ordering accuracy and productivity go up, and clients are assured of full compliance with relevant government regulations. ValuTrust pulls together all the relevant players – its clients, vendors and client service team – to manage every aspect of a loan through a common interface, seamlessly and in real time.  The ValuTrust management team has more than 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry and brings a passion for exemplary customer service and technology.

Find ValuTrust Solutions, LLC under Appraisal Solutions in the Services menu. Visit http://www.valutrust.com for more information.

Remember, we add new service providers to our software regularly. This enables you to have the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips. Be on the lookout for more blogs about new Interfaces in Point!

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