Help with Point: Document Management

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Since 2009 Calyx has made managing your documents in Point so much easier and convenient.  Point’s Document Management system allows you to group, tag, and filter documents to suit your company’s needs.

Within the Document Management window, you can add and edit custom document categories and types.  You can also define stacking orders, which organize documents based on type for any purpose such as loan type, documentation type, specific lenders, specific investors or others.

Documents can also be tagged with a package type such as Submissions Package, Conditions 1, etc., for preparation and sending.  These package types are fully customizable—add or edit them as necessary.  All the selected documents are date-tagged automatically with destination (defaults to stacking order name), date and sender.

The Document Management window also allows you to filter documents that you view and offers side-by-side document viewing that displays up to four documents simultaneously.

So much more than simple document storage, Point’s Document Management system keeps your documents organized and easy to find.

For more information on this or other informational tips and guides, visit our Knowledge Base or call our Support Team at 800-342-2599.

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