Get 9.0 in two days!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Point 9.0 is being released in just two days!  MyCalyx admins can push 9.0 to users when it becomes available on August 8.

We’ve stepped up to the plate for CFPB’s QM compliance for you.  With 9.0. you can learn in seconds whether your loan is considered QM or not—and why.  It’s not rocket science with Point’s exclusive QM button.

The QM button renders a findings report based on available data and gives you the information you need to proceed with each loan.  You won’t find this functionality anywhere else.

Point 9.0 is also packed with other updates to screens and calculations.  Call your account manager at 800-362-2599 to make sure you’re current and look for 9.0 soon!

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