Invest in yourself

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Have you ever noticed that maybe you’ll spend un-budgeted dollars on getting better at something you LIKE to do (ie. hobbies) but not spend a whole lot of money on getting better at work?  Even if it’s for your own business?

 I know I do and I’d like to think I’m not the only one!

 So here’s a reminder to you that you can be doing something to help yourself out at work.  Besides our free online training classes, we also offer professional services for a multitude of needs.  You can take advantage of our software and industry experts to learn everything you need to know to get your business automated efficiently and in compliance—either on the phone or in person. 

 If you don’t need a comprehensive consultation but listening to an online training session isn’t quite your thing, you can always pay for a one-on-one online session.  It allows you to target specific needs and you still get an expert that can also give you tips and tricks that can help you though any step of your loan processes.

 We all learn differently so that’s why Calyx offers training in different ways.  Now that school is starting back and buyers are otherwise occupied, it’s time to invest in yourself and your business.  Take time for you.

 Check out what we offer and when you’re ready, you can schedule your classes online or call 800-362-2599 to schedule personal interaction

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