New Service Providers added to Point

Jenny Harlowe

Jenny Harlowe

Today we welcome two new service providers to the Interfaces and Services menus in Point. Your options for verifications and appraisals have increased with the additions of TRV Services (a division of NCS) and Appraisal Logistics.

TRV® Services is a division of National Credit-reporting System. NCS, founded in 1978, is a full-service, consumer-reporting agency specializing in income, identity and credit intelligence. TRV Services offers concise ability-to-repay insight through customizable reports based on data obtained with the IRS’ 4506-T form.  NCS has an industry leading acceptance rate of 92% for the 4506-T forms it submits to the IRS on behalf its clients, and continues to develop new ways for those clients to close more loans while efficiently meeting evolving compliance requirements. TRV Services can be found at Services > Verifications > TRV Services.

Appraisal Logistics is a leading provider in compliance risk management for appraisal independence. With a team of industry experts and a nationwide network of highly qualified and trusted appraisers, Appraisal Logistics provides immediate and exceptional service to regional and community banks and standalone mortgage originators to ensure each appraisal is compliant in a customized, customer-focused environment. It is designed for effective communications, data transfer and storage, with the redundancy and high availability the banking industry require. Appraisal Logistics can be found at Interfaces > Appraisal Services > Appraisal Logistics.

NYLX is now LoanLogics, Inc. and can be found at Interfaces > Product and Pricing > LoanLogics, Inc.

Close more loans faster using vendors in Point. Stay informed of new service providers added to your Point software on our blog or sign up for informative emails from Calyx Software at

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