Calyx’s Point 9.0 SP2: Making Your Regulatory Compliance Easier

January 13, 2014

Jack HollidayAs compliance and regulatory requirements top everyone’s 2014 list of action items, Calyx has released Point® 9.0 SP2 to help your company work smarter and more efficiently. Our new Point 9.0 SP2 is now available to your MyCalyx Administrator. Point 9.0 SP2 highlights include:

  • Added a Homeownership Counseling Disclosure feature to help you comply with new HOEPA rules for Disclosure and Management of Home Ownership Counseling
  • Updated the following forms: 4506, 4506 T, W-9 and added the Social Security Number Verification screen used to complete the SSA-89 form
  • Added the QM Finding and the QM Date and Time fields to the Borrower Information screen
  • Changed the MI Factor field label on the Banker > Fees & Impounds screen to PMI/MIP/VA/USDA

Point 9.0 SP2 offers more features, functionality and updates to screens, forms and calculations to help you process loans quicker and more accurately while staying compliant (see release notes).

If you have questions please call our Customer Suppo
rt Group at 800.342.2599 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST or email


New Vendors in Point

December 4, 2013

jh headshot 2013 Calyx Software has over 200 vendors available in Point. Today we announce the addition of two new vendors – AVANTUS IRS Direct and RexHub-Real Estate Exchange Hub.

AVANTUS IRS Direct offers IRS transcripts with e-signature capability which automates the entire 4506-T process directly from Point. AVANTUS IRS Direct allows you to verify up to four years of previous income and receive your tax transcripts in 24 to 48 hours. They can be located in Point at Services > Verifications > AVANTUS IRS Direct.

RexHub-Real Estate Exchange Hub is a software solutions provider for real estate appraisal management. RexHub-Real Estate Exchange Hub was created by compiling feedback from industry players to determine what the industry desired and needed. They can be located in Point at Interfaces > Appraisals > RexHub Real Estate Exchange Web.

Take a moment to explore the newest vendors in Point!

Point 9.0 SP1 Now Available

October 3, 2013

Jenny Harlowe

Jenny Harlowe

Moving forward with Qualified Mortgage (QM) compliance preparation, Calyx is getting you ready for 2014 with screen and calculation updates required for QM compliance.

QM Compliance
• “Comparable Par Rate” field has been added to the Fees Worksheet
• “Affiliate” has been added as an option to the “Paid to” dropdown list

Additional updates to screens and calculations have been included in this service pack to make processing loans more efficient and accurate.
• Fees Worksheet
• Good Faith Estimate
• Loan Application
• HUD 1
• Truth-in-lending

If you have questions please call our Customer Support Group at 800-342-2599 Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm or email

Can’t figure it out?

September 24, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

We’re here to help.

Calyx is proud to offer free technical support to all of our current customers.  We don’t limit support to particular accounts or even to the number of users that can call from each account.  Free is free to all users of current accounts.  This applies to phone support, emails, online message boards, even our social media pages.   Support for our products is available at 800-342-2599 beginning at 8am through 7pm Central (depending on the product). Emails sent to are answered during business hours as well.

But if technical support isn’t quite enough—for instance maybe you’re upgrading to PointCentral or Path and need additional help getting set up beyond the typical installation, or maybe you have a whole new team you want to bring up to speed at the same time— we have experts who can help.

Our team of professional consultants have years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of our software.  They can help you get set up and running smoothly in no time.  Whether you need personal online support or an in-house consultation, you can get what you need from Calyx Professional Services.  Just call 800-362-2599 to get your customized program started.

In the meantime, you and all of your users can participate in our many scheduled online training sessions designed to make you a super-user of our software and get efficient—fast!  Take as many classes as you need—as many times as you want.  Our online training sessions are also free to all users of current accounts.  Just visit our Schedule and sign up for the next available class!   You can also check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips and tricks.

We appreciate our users and want to make sure you feel confident that your software is helping your loan processes run smoothly and efficiently.  Let us help.

Are you ready for QM?

September 19, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

If you’re on Point 9.0, you’re getting there. With the new “QM button” you can run a QM determination on your loans in seconds.

With that determination, you will instantly know the QM type and the liability protection level based on the available loan data.  You also get Points & Fees assessments with all fees detailed and explained as well as the QM Qual Rate.  And perhaps the best part?  You get comprehensive evidence of compliance with every report you run—and you’ll want to run a report at each stage of the loan process.

If you know now if you’re producing QM loans, the January 10th deadline will be just another day for you.  Get your business in shape before the end of the year and you’ll be ahead of your competition.

If you need to update your Point loan origination software to Version 9.0, call your account manager today at 800-362-2599.

You can’t be too prepared…

August 13, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

This coming January 10 is not just another cold day in January.  This day, the effective date of the Ability-to-Repay/Qualified Mortgage (QM) rule, can potentially change the way every mortgage professional does business.  QM is not just about GSEs; if you’re selling a loan after January10, it must be QM and it should be Safe-Harbor.

You’ll need your system and processes in place to ensure you know what a QM looks like and that your loans are—and will be—QM.  Are you ready?

 You can be.

With Point 9.0, just released last week, we have provided Calyx clients with the tools they need to assure QM and Safe-Harbor.  The QM button, located at the bottom of several Point screens, can produce a QM Findings Report in seconds with QM determinations as well as Safe Harbor/Rebuttable Presumption determinations.

Each findings report documents QM Points and Fees, QM Qual Rate and DTI, and provides detailed QM messaging.  Reports can be run multiple times throughout the loan process to ensure compliance at every step.  Each report—clearly user and date stamped—is stored in Point’s document management system so that you retain evidence of compliance for the required 3 years and defend your files in audits, buybacks or lawsuits.

 Don’t wait to find out if you’re prepared for the QM rule.  Get Point 9.0 today and start testing your files for QM status. Call 800-362-2599.

Point 9.0 is now available!

August 8, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

We’re excited about this latest release and we’re sure you will be too.  With 9.0, we’re making it easy to comply with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s QM rule that goes into effect on January 10.

Now is the time to learn how your company is doing so you don’t find out at the last minute that your loans are not going to qualify.

At the bottom of your Point screens, you’ll find a QM button that provides findings that detail how the loan file complies with QM requirements based on current available data.

The findings report not only determines whether a file is considered a QM, it also provides pass/fail assessments on the individual QM requirements as well as a detailed analysis and relevant messaging.

You can run a QM findings report multiple times and each report is saved separately in Point’s document management system—perfect for auditing purposes. You won’t find a QM solution like this anywhere else!

Here are just a few more of the highlights you’ll find in Point 9.0

  • Visual enhancements to the Anti-Disclosure screen and Self-Employed Income Analysis give you symmetry with the printed versions
  • NMLS License Number fields have been reconfigured to support unique identifier methods using both alpha and numeric characters
  • Multiple down payment fields enable comprehensive tracking of payment sources
  • Multiple calculation improvements to several screens provide consistency and accuracy throughout the platform

For a complete list of updates and enhancements, see the release notes found on our What’s New page.  While you’re there, check out the sample QM findings report!

Need to update your account?  Call your account manager today at 800-362-2599 to get Point 9.0!