Ask A Stupid Question Day!

September 27, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Have you ever been told that there are no stupid questions?  Well I think there actually are.

But rather than focus on stupid questions, like perhaps “Who composed Beethoven’s 5th symphony,” I would like to focus on the questions that are so mind bogglingly (is that a word?) simple, yet we don’t think about them until somebody asks them—and then we can’t come up for a good answer!

For this I’d like to bring in some quotes from George Carlin.  Here are some of his thought-provoking questions:

  1. Instead of talking to your plants, if you yelled at them would they still grow, only to be troubled and insecure?
  2. What’s another word for synonym?
  3. Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do: ‘practice’?
  4. When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs?
  5. Why isn’t there mouse-flavored cat food?
  6. Why do they report power outages on TV?
  7. What should you do when you see an endangered animal that is eating an endangered plant?
  8. If a turtle loses his shell, is it naked or homeless?
  9. Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?
  10. Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.  Make sure you check in next week to catch some exciting Calyx news!

Can’t figure it out?

September 24, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

We’re here to help.

Calyx is proud to offer free technical support to all of our current customers.  We don’t limit support to particular accounts or even to the number of users that can call from each account.  Free is free to all users of current accounts.  This applies to phone support, emails, online message boards, even our social media pages.   Support for our products is available at 800-342-2599 beginning at 8am through 7pm Central (depending on the product). Emails sent to are answered during business hours as well.

But if technical support isn’t quite enough—for instance maybe you’re upgrading to PointCentral or Path and need additional help getting set up beyond the typical installation, or maybe you have a whole new team you want to bring up to speed at the same time— we have experts who can help.

Our team of professional consultants have years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of our software.  They can help you get set up and running smoothly in no time.  Whether you need personal online support or an in-house consultation, you can get what you need from Calyx Professional Services.  Just call 800-362-2599 to get your customized program started.

In the meantime, you and all of your users can participate in our many scheduled online training sessions designed to make you a super-user of our software and get efficient—fast!  Take as many classes as you need—as many times as you want.  Our online training sessions are also free to all users of current accounts.  Just visit our Schedule and sign up for the next available class!   You can also check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips and tricks.

We appreciate our users and want to make sure you feel confident that your software is helping your loan processes run smoothly and efficiently.  Let us help.

Are you ready for QM?

September 19, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

If you’re on Point 9.0, you’re getting there. With the new “QM button” you can run a QM determination on your loans in seconds.

With that determination, you will instantly know the QM type and the liability protection level based on the available loan data.  You also get Points & Fees assessments with all fees detailed and explained as well as the QM Qual Rate.  And perhaps the best part?  You get comprehensive evidence of compliance with every report you run—and you’ll want to run a report at each stage of the loan process.

If you know now if you’re producing QM loans, the January 10th deadline will be just another day for you.  Get your business in shape before the end of the year and you’ll be ahead of your competition.

If you need to update your Point loan origination software to Version 9.0, call your account manager today at 800-362-2599.

WebCaster Update is Here

September 6, 2013

WebCaster has been updated!

BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Here are the highlights of WebCaster 3.1:

  • Payment field display: This new field displays a checkbox and monthly payment field in the Rate Sheet section of the product edit page to enable display of monthly payments on WebCaster’s product pages
  • My Account Page: Hyperlinked directions for third party email services have been disabled and removed from the borrower login screen to meet compliance mandates
  • CNAME change: The setup configuration for custom domains is changing from an “A-Record” IP address to a CNAME URL ( to allow greater flexibility

For more information, visit the What’s New in Webcaster page or KB article #0840.

If you have questions, please contact our WebCaster Customer Support Group at 800-342-2599 during our normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm Central or email

New Service Providers added to Point

September 5, 2013
Jenny Harlowe

Jenny Harlowe

Today we welcome two new service providers to the Interfaces and Services menus in Point. Your options for verifications and appraisals have increased with the additions of TRV Services (a division of NCS) and Appraisal Logistics.

TRV® Services is a division of National Credit-reporting System. NCS, founded in 1978, is a full-service, consumer-reporting agency specializing in income, identity and credit intelligence. TRV Services offers concise ability-to-repay insight through customizable reports based on data obtained with the IRS’ 4506-T form.  NCS has an industry leading acceptance rate of 92% for the 4506-T forms it submits to the IRS on behalf its clients, and continues to develop new ways for those clients to close more loans while efficiently meeting evolving compliance requirements. TRV Services can be found at Services > Verifications > TRV Services.

Appraisal Logistics is a leading provider in compliance risk management for appraisal independence. With a team of industry experts and a nationwide network of highly qualified and trusted appraisers, Appraisal Logistics provides immediate and exceptional service to regional and community banks and standalone mortgage originators to ensure each appraisal is compliant in a customized, customer-focused environment. It is designed for effective communications, data transfer and storage, with the redundancy and high availability the banking industry require. Appraisal Logistics can be found at Interfaces > Appraisal Services > Appraisal Logistics.

NYLX is now LoanLogics, Inc. and can be found at Interfaces > Product and Pricing > LoanLogics, Inc.

Close more loans faster using vendors in Point. Stay informed of new service providers added to your Point software on our blog or sign up for informative emails from Calyx Software at

Labor Day!

August 30, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Monday is Labor Day and we’re taking the day off!

If you are going to be working, whether you have to go in or just work from home, you can still et assistance from our Knowledge Base articles.  We’ve created a ton of articles on almost any topic related to your Calyx software—with screen shots and step-by-step instructions where necessary.

You can also do a search on this blog using one of the search boxes on the bottom right side of your screen.  Sometimes I’ll post an article on a more popular help topic.  If you have a question or concern, it’s likely others do too, and we’ve covered it.

You can also take the opportunity to play around with the QM button in Point 9.0. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should—you’ll love it.  The QM button appears at the bottom of your open file screens.  For Point users, the QM findings report is now included in your current Point 9.0 subscription, but it will be available to everybody in September! Visit the What’s New page to see an example of the report or call 800-362-2599 to find out how to get it.

Find out now if your loans are going to be QM when the rule goes into effect on January 10.  Nobody is exempt from this QM rule so don’t wait until January to find out where you stand.

 Have a very Happy Labor Day!

Help with Point: Separate TILs

August 22, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Since we released Point 9.0, we have fielded questions from many of you regarding the separate TIL forms for each borrower and we wanted to explain the reasoning behind the change.  We have done this for compliance regarding the e-Signature—which is coming soon.

With ink signatures, the signatures of each borrower are distinguishable.  However, with e-Signature, the signatures of Borrower and Co borrower are ‘not’ distinguishable. Because of possible legal implications stemming from one borrower signing for co-borrowers without their knowledge or consent, Calyx has taken steps to ensure compliance through your software.

So, with the 9.0 release, we have designed Point to require a separate form to each borrower’s individual email address.  Each borrower will receive a separate email with a TIL form that requires their signature—either ink or electronic.

If you have any questions about this feature of Point or any others, you can visit our Knowledge Base or call our support team at 800-342-2599 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm Central or email