Can’t figure it out?

September 24, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

We’re here to help.

Calyx is proud to offer free technical support to all of our current customers.  We don’t limit support to particular accounts or even to the number of users that can call from each account.  Free is free to all users of current accounts.  This applies to phone support, emails, online message boards, even our social media pages.   Support for our products is available at 800-342-2599 beginning at 8am through 7pm Central (depending on the product). Emails sent to are answered during business hours as well.

But if technical support isn’t quite enough—for instance maybe you’re upgrading to PointCentral or Path and need additional help getting set up beyond the typical installation, or maybe you have a whole new team you want to bring up to speed at the same time— we have experts who can help.

Our team of professional consultants have years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of our software.  They can help you get set up and running smoothly in no time.  Whether you need personal online support or an in-house consultation, you can get what you need from Calyx Professional Services.  Just call 800-362-2599 to get your customized program started.

In the meantime, you and all of your users can participate in our many scheduled online training sessions designed to make you a super-user of our software and get efficient—fast!  Take as many classes as you need—as many times as you want.  Our online training sessions are also free to all users of current accounts.  Just visit our Schedule and sign up for the next available class!   You can also check out our Knowledge Base for helpful tips and tricks.

We appreciate our users and want to make sure you feel confident that your software is helping your loan processes run smoothly and efficiently.  Let us help.

Invest in yourself

August 20, 2013
BJ Bounds

BJ Bounds

Have you ever noticed that maybe you’ll spend un-budgeted dollars on getting better at something you LIKE to do (ie. hobbies) but not spend a whole lot of money on getting better at work?  Even if it’s for your own business?

 I know I do and I’d like to think I’m not the only one!

 So here’s a reminder to you that you can be doing something to help yourself out at work.  Besides our free online training classes, we also offer professional services for a multitude of needs.  You can take advantage of our software and industry experts to learn everything you need to know to get your business automated efficiently and in compliance—either on the phone or in person. 

 If you don’t need a comprehensive consultation but listening to an online training session isn’t quite your thing, you can always pay for a one-on-one online session.  It allows you to target specific needs and you still get an expert that can also give you tips and tricks that can help you though any step of your loan processes.

 We all learn differently so that’s why Calyx offers training in different ways.  Now that school is starting back and buyers are otherwise occupied, it’s time to invest in yourself and your business.  Take time for you.

 Check out what we offer and when you’re ready, you can schedule your classes online or call 800-362-2599 to schedule personal interaction

Start 2012 off right!

December 14, 2011

BJ Bounds

Give your business the gift of customized online consultations!

Calyx Professional Services veterans are experts in the industry, and experts in Calyx Software.  With their help, you can optimize your business by fuel-injecting your PointCentral’s overall efficiency.

Engage thoroughly with professionals that not only can help set up your software’s structure and business workflow, but they can knowledgeably explain how it all works in real-life scenarios that affect your business.

Visit with your account rep to explain your priorities and the things you’d like to accomplish during your consultation.

Our Professional Services team will evaluate and diagnose your needs list so that when your consultation is scheduled, our team member can maximize the effectiveness of the allotted time so that you get everything you need—and more—from your online session.

Spend an hour or two getting your business ready and streamlined for the New Year!  Call your account representative at 800-362-2599 today!

PointCentral the way you need it

December 6, 2011

BJ Bounds

Our software is designed to increase efficiency and ensure compliance without the exorbitant costs of other systems.  But sometimes getting everything set up just way you want to can seem like a daunting job if you’re doing it by yourself.

If you need help setting up your business rules, developing a successful workflow roadmap, or creating your business templates and reports, we have a dedicated staff of software and industry experts that can get you where you need to be…quickly and professionally.

With either onsite or online consultations, our professionals can help you build a strong foundation for management and compliance using customized processes and workflow that work best for your business.  Here are some of the tasks our seasoned professionals can assist you with:

  • PointCentral implementation
  • Data migration into PointCentral
  • Multi-branch deployment
  • Business rules, templates & processes
  • PointCentral custom forms and reports

Call 800-362-2599 to speak with your account representative.  He or she will walk through your needs in detail so that your consultation is perfectly tailored to your business.  Once your consultation is scheduled, get ready to take control of your business with the efficiency, manageability, and flexibility you need to move forward with confidence.


Do you need professional help?

September 17, 2010

BJ Bounds

You’ve determined the need for PointCentral but have no idea how to get started with implementation?  Not to worry.  We have the resources you need to make a smooth transition.

Our Professional Services team is ready to help.  Either on-site or on-line, our team of industry and product experts can help you with:

  • Specifying hardware and software for your PointCentral deployment
  • Migrating data from Calyx Point or other legacy systems into PointCentral
  • Efficiently deploying PointCentral in a multi-branch environment
  • Setting up Business Rules and organizing business processes
  • Developing and maintaining multiple template sets for centralized control and rapid download to all clients
  • Setting up your PointCentral custom forms and management reports
  • Designating the appropriate software upgrade policy with a particular emphasis on helping you remain in compliance with all state and federal laws.

For more information, please visit our Professional Services page or call 800-362-2599 to discuss your needs.  On-line group classes on various topics are available also.

Revisiting PointCentral Rules. Advanced Point

August 25, 2010

BJ Bounds

Implementing rules in PointCentral continues to be on the mind of many of our PointCentral users—and with good reason.  Creating and using rules within your LOS enables pipeline efficiency and consistency for compliance and auditing purposes.

If you haven’t visited our Knowledge Base site lately, you may have missed the latest article that explains how to implement rules.  If you still have questions, you might want to call our technical support team at 800-342-2599 for assistance or schedule an expert to help you out on-site.

PointCentral 7.3 is scheduled for release in October.  We have included some “out-of-the-box” rules that will help you get started with basic needs for compliance efficiency.  From there you can customize your rules engine to further streamline your processes.

Today’s free webinar will discuss PointCentral rules.  Registration can be found here.

UPDATE: If you missed today’s session, visit our PointCentral page in a few days for the recorded version.

Do you want to know what you don’t know?

March 15, 2010

BJ Bounds

About your Calyx Software? Calyx Software offers many on-line courses to help you use your software’s basic and advanced features.  If you’re just starting out, our “Getting Started” and “Originating and Processing Loans in Point” classes are regular favorites.  Advanced users can benefit from our marketing, templates and reports classes as well as our administrator classes for PointCentral.  Convenient private training sessions for your team are also available.

If you need in-depth instruction, an on-site consultation might be more appropriate.  One of our professional trainers can help you install and implement your systems to harmonize best with your current needs and business processes.  They can tell you exactly what you don’t know and then help you understand it!

We do our best to transform your questions and requests into Knowledge Base articles and blog tips but often the need for a topic-specific class becomes apparent, such as the GFE 2010 (now back by popular demand).

Our Training and Professional Services staff would like to know how they can best help you learn and use our software.  Are there specific subjects that you’d like to see on our course listing?